Brief - A local garden services team called “Sunshine Gardens”, lead by one man with an entrepreneurial spirit committed to growing his own successful business, was in dire need of an identity and supporting stationery in order to offer a more professional service to his clients. Mr. Maruvha employs a handful of people, depending on the needs of his clients, and has gone from being a gardener working with an established garden services company, to an entrepreneur on a path to success.

Creative solution - After much thought and deliberation, we opted for a practical, inexpensive and quirky idea that answered to the needs of the business. Our reference stemmed from information tags commonly used in retail to identify plants, which we appropriated into adhesive labels and business cards carrying the “Sunshine Gardens” brand. The little sun icon is a further extension of this, a symbol commonly used to indicate the amount of light required by plants. In this case it’s a lot of “Sunshine” that’s needed.