Plascon Spaces is the quintessential playground for the senses. It is a true investment in brand loyalty, offering consumers a free, professional decor service without the guarantee of a sale. As a service only offering, the company believes that true consumer value extends far beyond the product alone. Spaces redefines ‘consumer-to-brand’ interaction, shifting the focus from sales, to service, with brand loyalty as its primary goal. As a market-leader, this showroom is the stage for future trends in decor, as well as innovative brand building.

The showroom merges with it’s printed namesake, Spaces Magazine, by means of an ever changing decor stage, featured in each quarterly release. Readers are now able to visit the actual featured set in order to see just how it’s done.

In order to provide Plascon with better space usage, an extended mezzanine level was engineered into the store, providing our client with a training facility, as well as 3 private consultation rooms.