Brief - To develop a direct mailer for Investec Private Client securities, targeting the 19 directors of The Mr. Price Group (a popular fashion outlet in South Africa). Investec Private Client Securities not only offer clients traditional portfolio management and stockbroking capabilities, but a comprehensive retirement fund product range, an online trading platform, offshore investments, alternative investments and an investment management service. Our objective was to create awareness of Investec’s unique offering, conveying a message of personalised attention.

Creative solution - Research revealed that the targeted individuals have a great passion for their brand. Our solution was simply to combine “the personal” with “the brand”, speaking straight to the heart of the individual in a language they’re familiar with. The well known Mr Price identity (red cap icon) formed the basis of this mailer, cleverly adapted to carry the surname of the respective recipients. The final package consisted of a personalised shopping bag containing a cap, t-shirt and tag, till slip, and brochure, all personalised with the adapted Mr Price Brand.